Building trustful relations

Our Suppliers and we believe
that the combined power of our network is greater than what can be achieved individually, delivering the best solutions for our  Customers.

We are creating an environment
where good collaboration leads to high efficiency and such success and smooth operations for each member of our network.

Good collaboration with our supliers
is critical for the success of our customers.

We share common ideas and principles

Most business transactions
take place electronically, using a minimum of paper. To the best of our ability, we recycle all office waste.

Trust and transparency

We believe that transparency is a key factor of trustful and long-term cooperation.

Making our strategy and cooperation with suppliers transparent we believe, reinforces trust in our suppliers network.

ISMI steps towards greater transparency also manifests itself in our  Knowledge Portal (hyperlink), which not only has an educative and lexical aspect for as well  customers and suppliers about current trends and development in the area, but also for those interested in more sustainable healthcare will be served.

Today’s marketplace is crowded, and customers – especially in the healthcare– are more discerning than ever.

We believe that huge part of our success is trust built on transparency and successful customers experience.