Who we are

ISMI started as a project of like-minded experienced professionals in 2016. What was and is important for us - openness, trust and courage in pursuing

To deliver effective solutions to our clients, supporting them to stay leaders in modern, personalized patient treatment.

Members of our team were driven by the idea to create a new type of service for customers in nuclear medicine environment. The service that would meet the needs of all parties contributing to the development of nuclear medicine, the radiology community and would help them in their daily challenges.

ISMI was first focused on establishing an effective and reliable way for delivering isotopes to nuclear medicine and other industry clients. Being able to provide high quality enriched isotopes worldwide at competitive price was the beginning for us.

By 2018 we had established and run a solid pipeline of deliveries and built trustful relations and partnerships with our clients and producers.

Now ISMI is even more!
The diversity in our team, with expertise in different fields like – project management, isotopes, equipment and IT helped us create a synergy that is a source of energy for us to move forward and be ready for new challenges at the service of our clients.
We work as a partner delivering complex solutions for your project.
ISMI offers a wide range of products for nuclear medicine applications providing a high-level service and support and making sure that you are always supplied with the latest technology, thus making your projects future proof.

We are happy to share our expertise in equipment, software solutions and artificial intelligence.
We are honest, ethical and fair and are open for partners with the same traits.

Partnerships have to be established on
trust (our word has a meaning),
openness (if there’s an issue, you will know and participate in the solution),
fairness (we are always seeking for a win, win situation) and transparency (we think communication and accountability are the basis for a sound working relation).

We are accessible!
We give you the attention you deserve!

what we do

Help you to achieve and/or maintain the highest standards in healthcare.

Deliver customized solutions to ensure effectiveness of your processes and operations.

Create your perfect customer experience by giving you the dedicated attention you deserve

Supply you with technology of today and the future

How we do it

Working closely with a network of reliable and innovative suppliers.

Attentively listening to the wishes and desires of our clients, seeing potentials of cooperation in new fields that create unforeseen synergies that lead to results that are real and tangible.

Ensuring that you can focus on patient care, by providing you with tools that will make you be more effective and save time.

Being On-time, Every Time

Innovating for customers - we pursue new ways to add value to your business.