Lung: JLD-01K


Lung Disease (CT)
Lung cancer & tuberculosis multi-solution


Also available JLD-02K:



  • Quantitative analysis to assist decision making in diagnosis
  • Less dependent on doctor's experience
  • Access management to enhance the security of the system
  • Convenient patient data management through PACS


Based on the patient''s chest CT data, the solutions helps radiologists to identify whether the patient has lung cancer/TB or not by providing the probability of having the disease and the location of lesion area.

JLD-01K is an AI-based medical system that simultaneously diagnoses lung cancer and tuberculosis using chest CT scans. This system is based on 3D hybrid artificial neural networks for multi-label classification and class mapping technology for lesion detection. It provides a probability for each class of lung disease and activation map of lesions based on feature intensity.


  • Multi-label classification
  • Lung cancer lesion auto-detection and visualization • Tuberculosis lesion auto-detection and visualization
  • Probabilities of lung cancer and tuberculosis
  • Multi-class annotation tool for lesion marking and correction
  • Registration and visualization of clinical information
  • Analysis report with useful charts and diagrams